Guacamaya Lead generation services

This is how we generate leads for yor company:

How many sales can you make from the 100 customers we will provide you with?

A lead generation service provider manages campaigns to discover customers for companies.

Guacamaya Social Media has a remote team specialized in sales that will not only get the data of your potential customers, but will build a link between this customer and your company's vendors to make it much easier to make a sale. Some of these providers will help with follow-up campaigns to ensure the highest conversion rate.

The lead generation service provides:

- 100 to 200 leads per month.

- Information such as names, phone numbers and buying interests of the prospect.

- A professional commercial video with a professional speaker that companies who hire us can use for their own marketing purposes independently of our lead generation service.

- We will provide you with an organized database of prospect numbers and data so that companies can do their own follow up with prospects.

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In Simple words, we are going to pre-sell to your clients.

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