Do you need a model / Actor / Influencer that shows how your service or product really works on real people?

Guacanmaya has built the most reliable network of actors and influencers in the DMV area, with models, actors and influencers who have had experience in traditional media and who are even known by the audience in the area, from Models to renowned influencers Guacamaya will make the perfect cast for your BUSINESS.


The model usually does not speak in the videos, only lends his image as part of the corporate commercial photography and video service


The actor can recommend your brand or product and explain how it works, Use the product to show how it works and can also be part of creative videos that represent situations that engage people.

Micro Influencers

The biggest advantage about influencers is that they are known by the audience and that they can be ambassadors of your business creating trust in the buyer (You are more likely to buy if a friend recommends you buy)

Macro Influencers

A big influencer will bring you more sales and more customer loyalty

Consult today and find out what type of influencer is best for your company.

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